The reason for the demise of America

Baron Charles – Louis de Montesquieu was sent by the french government to report on America in the 18th century. He summed up his observations with the conclusion that Ameriaca is great because it is good; when it is no longer good it will no longer be great.

Decide for yourselves America´s state of affairs.


New narrative for politics

Politicians used to want to serve their country. Since Reagan and Thatcher at least they have become career politicians with the revolving door, the worst of them being the despicable Tony Blair. What we need are housewives with children who have had to make ends meet and who naturally value education and the health service.

Shemitah, Jubilee year and American default

n case you´re not in the loop the Shemitah  (7th year sabboth) has taken the internet by storm. Ending on 13th september this year a perfect storm is brewing. The last two shemitah years ended with the 2008 financial collapse and 911. What has been overlooked is that this shemitah is followed by the 50 year jubilee which is 7  x 7 shemitahs plus 1 year, during which debts are forgiven and inheritances restored. EXPECT AMERICA toDEFAULT on its DEBT this jubilee year  with other indebted nations to follow and for a global currency reset and perhaps an ongoing WW111 to be finally declared.

If you´re not familiar with the Shemiah see

Fear not, have faith and be prepared.

What you might not know about the BBC

Did you know that the BBC and CNN share the same studios? The reason given by the BBC was that they share the same news but with a different slant.

Did you know that you can advertise with the BBC? Scroll down to the bottom of their pages to see “advertise with us”.

The BBC makes uncountable millions from selling programs to foreign stations , videos, DVDs etc and have the most extensive radio and television patents in the world. It is highly profitable, probably more so than the UK arms industry and yet  UK residents still need to buy a TV licence!

Something isn´t quite right with the ethics of UK governance. It is time for change. Time from going from profitable cattle farming to rearing human beings to their potential.

This doesn´t mean that I don´t enjoy the BBC. It is just to say that the funding of the BBC needs to be overseen by the public paying the licence fees.

Manchester United epitomise what´s wrong with the world

I started supporting Man. Utd during England´s 1966 world cup victory after watching Bobby Charlton´s magnificent and flawless displays. Those were the days when a head of hair and glamour counted for nothing, when Dennis Law´s transfer back to Utd. a couple of years later for a record 110,000 pounds made headlines and when all the players in the U.K. leagues were from the U.K., mostly coming up from their respective football academies.
Boy have things changed and d on´t they reflect big business and politics? Now clubs have a large percentage of foreign players or should I say a multicultural workforce and the managers and stars receive incredible salaries and bonuses akin to the C.E.O.s and bankers.Gone are the local teams that represented the local communityreflecting the demise of the trade unions . In are glamour and glitz with all the accompanying sponsorship and a hundred quid  shirts!
Perhaps it´s time for all of us to step back and withhold our support and money and say enough is enough. Perhaps like my wife I should start supporting Hull because no one else supports them.
It was John Major who  encouraged big business to get behind sports and successive U.K. governments who encouraged wealthy billionaire asylum seekers such as Man. City´s russian robber baron owner to purchase a club to gain acceptance for their asylum. Business and politics breed power and power corrupts. We all know that and we can all take a stand against that.